Sunday, January 10, 2016

Shades of Memory

   The past is gone, it will not returned though fragments haunt the shadows of my mind as I gaze into the unknowable starkness of the future. The shades of memory cling to the present like webs of a spider, strong and resilient though I struggle to brush them into oblivion.
   My steps falter in the sand dragging my feet into its blackness that absorbs the light of the waning moon like the flotsam scattered in the shallows. Casting me adrift in a slue of misery I can not change.
   The screech of a lone gull drifting on the wind, torn from its roost by a savage lust for prey, floods the silent shadows of the night. A ray of light casts its shadow on the rolling foam. Fleeting transported into the depths of the sea to meld with vanished dreams.
   Tingly salt laden air seeps into the pores of my being with the delicacy of a mixed bouquet of death and life. Remnants of scent mixed by the sea that trigger the deepest shoals of memory.
   Rumbling roar of the surging sea casts fragments of memory back to me as I walk on the sinking sands. The sea empties its castoffs at my feet begging me to join its surging current. To walk into the sea and never be is no temptation for I must know the depths of being before fleeting fate faces away from me.
   Is it destiny or chance that casted me up by the sea to be swallowed in the darkness of the pounding surf like the sand prints I left behind? 

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