Monday, January 31, 2011


A shadow floats by my window, a phantom against the dark. The shadow invites me to visit with the night. A breeze stirs faint whispers of the years when days were as light as fairy steps.
The pull of shadows has the power of a lover's arms to draw me into a world outside myself. Walls enclose me when the night seeps through the windows with it's siren's wooing.
Threads weave a tapestry enclosed by time. A tendril of thought twists through my mind. A faint glimpse of yesterday appears the instant before the fleeting wisps of seconds rush against the clashing cymbals of day.
Visitors come to me in the silence when I pause to listen to their muted voices. They return from the past to lay a soft hand on my arm to guide me to their dwelling. Their visions of the night are not mine though our paths once trailed side-by-side. I carry their shadows as I step into the night.
The dark does not create blindness; it opens the mind to see. Shadows beckon me to taste the textures of the night. I explore the barks of trees and brush the velvet of flowers with my fingers as a new world opens in the dark.
Though I stumble, I do not falter. There is no one to count how often I fall or to ignore me when I rise. I hold my head high and go forth into the night stronger than before. The night wraps me its strength around me and hides me from the glare.
I am alone. I take comfort from the night. I am at peace with the shadows of the night.